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m4/  18805  3 years  msalle   Add support for pkg-config - add support for pkg-config for the non-globus flav…
ees-pepd-oh/  17953  7 years  msalle   Add two debug log messages about found obligation and attributes. Also add some …
lcas-plugins-basic/  18776  3 years  msalle   Bump version
jobrepository/  18115  7 years  msalle   Change to pure Apache 2.0 license
lcas-plugins-check-executable/  18115  7 years  msalle   Change to pure Apache 2.0 license
lcmaps-plugins-vo-ca-ap/  18738  5 years  msalle   Fix typo
ees/  18809  3 years  msalle   Fix typo
cgul/  18394  7 years  msalle   Fix typo in comments
lcmaps-plugins-gums/  18079  7 years  msalle   LICENSE files should not contain EMI, not EMI products.
lcmaps-plugins-lcas/  18079  7 years  msalle   LICENSE files should not contain EMI, not EMI products.
ees-docs/  14579  11 years  msalle   Moving EES thesis and presentation outside of the EES source tree.
lcmaps-plugins-verify-proxy/  18905  9 months  msalle   OpenSSL 3.0 no longer uses function in error "function" is no longer used in pa…
lcas-lcmaps-gt4-interface/  18778  3 years  msalle   Protect against NULL service name
lcmaps-plugins-voms-attr/  15893  10 years  okoeroo   Removed autogenerated files, altered the logging to the modern Syslog logging me…
ees-plugins-beta/  17814  8 years  msalle   Split-off from EES: beta-stage plugins. Still need to be properly autotoolized. …
lcas-plugins-voms/  18725  5 years  msalle   Trivial change to build against OpenSSL 1.1
mwsec-utils/  18894  20 months  msalle   Update ChangeLog for 0.0.11 release
scas/  18846  2 years  msalle   Update ChangeLog for 0.4.5 release
lcmaps-plugins-scas-client/  18848  2 years  msalle   Update ChangeLog for 0.5.8 release
lcmaps-plugins-c-pep/  18902  14 months  msalle   Update ChangeLog for 1.3.2 release
lcmaps-plugins-basic/  18486  6 years  msalle   Update ChangeLog for release
lcmaps-plugins-voms/  18486  6 years  msalle   Update ChangeLog for release
saml2-xacml2-c-lib/  18842  2 years  msalle   Update for release
lcmaps-plugins-afs/  18381  7 years  msalle   Update version
glexec/  18376  7 years  msalle   Update version
lcas/  18777  3 years  msalle   Update version and NEWS file
lcmaps-plugins-robot/  18692  5 years  msalle   Updating ChangeLog files for next release
lcmaps-plugins-tracking-groupid/  18528  6 years  msalle   Updating NEWS file
lcmaps-plugins-jobrep/  18689  5 years  msalle   Updating NEWS files to reflect OpenSSL-1.1 API fixes
lcmaps/  18713  5 years  msalle   Updating and syncing private globus structs to match latest OpenSSL 1.1 fixes in…
ees-plugins-one/  14618  11 years  msalle   Updating externals to use http://ndpfsvn.nikhef.nl/ro instead of https://ndpfsvn
lcmaps-rules-parser/  14886  11 years  dennisvd   add keyword propery
lcas-plugins-voms-attr/  14884  11 years  dennisvd   add keyword propery

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