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Tue Jun 9 14:47:09 2009 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by wvengen
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use checkmark instead of checkbox to show progress
1 <html>
2 <head>
3 <title>Certificate request</title>
4 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"/>
5 </head>
6 <body class="ui">
7 <h1>Certificate request - Submission</h1>
9 <p if="!${request}">Please wait while your certificate is being generated and sent to the
10 registration authority over the internet.</p>
12 <p if="${request}">Your certificate has already been generated<span if="${request.submitted}">
13 and was sent to the registration authority over the internet</span>.
14 <span if="!${request.submitted}">Please wait while your certificate is being sent to the
15 registration authority over the internet.</span>
16 </p>
18 <ul class="activitylist">
19 <li class="done-${(${request} or ${cert})}">
20 Generate key pair</li>
21 <li class="done-${(${request})}">
22 Generate certificate siging request
23 <i if="${cert} and !${request}">(done elsewhere)</i></li>
24 <li class="done-${(${request.submitted})}">
25 Submit certificate signing request to registration authority
26 <i if="${cert} and !${request.submitted}">(done elsewhere)</i></li>
27 <li class="done-${(${request.processed})}" if="${cert} or ${request.submitted}">
28 Verify identity with
29 <a href="mailto:${org.ra.email}" c="${org.ra.name}">**your agent**</a>
30 of <a href="${org.url}" c="${org.name}">**agent organisation**</a></li>
31 <li class="done-${(${cert})}" if="${cert} or ${request.submitted}">
32 Download approved certificate</li>
33 </ul>
35 <div if="!${cert}">
36 <p if="${request.submitted}">Your request has been generated and was
37 uploaded to the registration authority. Now you need to print the form
38 containing your personal details and certificate information, and bring
39 it to your registration authority,
40 <a href="mailto:${org.ra.email}" c="${org.ra.name}">**your agent**</a>
41 of <a href="${org.url}" c="${org.name}">**agent organisation**</a>.
42 Don't forget to bring your proof-of-identity, such as a passport or driving license.</p>
43 <p if="${state.submitcsr}">To continue to printing the form, press <em>Next</em>.</p>
44 </div>
46 <div if="${cert}">
47 <p>To again print the verification form, press <em>Next</em>.</p>
48 </div>
51 </body>
52 </html>


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