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Fri Sep 11 10:35:45 2009 UTC (13 years ago) by wvengen
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minor text updates in templatewizard
1 <html>
2 <head>
3 <title>Verification form</title>
4 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/>
5 </head>
6 <body id="wizard">
8 <div class="wizard-title" c="${wizard.title.html}"/>
9 <div class="wizard-contents" c="${wizard.contents.html}"/>
11 <!-- new certificate request -->
12 <div class="wizard-page" if="!${renewal}">
14 <p if="!${cert} and !${request.processed}">
15 Besides submitting your request for a certificate, you need
16 to send a signed registration form to the Certification Authority
17 by following these steps:
18 </p>
20 <p if="${cert} or ${request.processed}">
21 You have already gone through the following steps to verify your
22 identity, they are shown for reference only.
23 </p>
25 <form>
26 <ol>
27 <li>Fill in and print the paper form <input type="button" value="display form" href="action:verificationform" />
28 <a class="helpbutton" href="action:toggle(wizard.show.help1)">(help)</a>
29 <div class="help" if="${wizard.show.help1}">
30 Press the <i>display form</i> button, enter your personal details,
31 and print it. Note that you can also leave one or more fields
32 empty and write them on the printed form.
33 The form will be used later to verify your identity.
34 </div></li>
35 <li>Obtain a signature from your Registration Authority
36 <a class="helpbutton" href="action:toggle(wizard.show.help2)">(help)</a>
37 <div class="help" if="${wizard.show.help2}">
38 You need to visit a Registration Authority in person, who will confirm
39 your affiliation and identity by signing the form that you printed
40 in the previous step.
41 Your Registration Authority is <span c="${org.ras.html}"/> (though you can
42 visit <a href="${org.lookupurl}">another</a> as well).<br/>
43 <strong>Do make sure to bring your proof-of-identity, such as passport or driving license.</strong>
44 </div></li>
45 <li>Send the signed form to the Certification Authority
46 <a class="helpbutton" href="action:toggle(wizard.show.help3)">(help)</a>
47 <div class="help" if="${wizard.show.help3}">
48 After your have obtained a signature from the Registration Authority,
49 please submit it to the Certification Authority by snail mail or fax
50 (the address is displayed on the form).
51 </div></li>
52 <li>Wait until the request is processed
53 <a class="helpbutton" href="action:toggle(wizard.show.help4)">(help)</a>
54 <div class="help" if="${wizard.show.help4}">
55 When the Certification Authority receives the verification form, it
56 takes up to three working days to process. After your request has
57 been approved, you will receive an email containing further
58 instructions.<br/>
59 If the approval takes longer than three working days, you may
60 contact the DutchGrid CA
61 &lt;<a href="mailto:ca@dutchgrid.nl">ca@dutchgrid.nl</a>&gt;,
62 phone: <span class="phone">+31 20 5922179</span>.
63 </div></li>
64 </ol>
65 </form>
67 </div>
70 <!-- renewal request, no steps required but waiting -->
71 <div class="wizard-page" if="${renewal}">
73 <p if="!${cert} and !{request.submitted}">
74 You still need to submit your certificate renewal request, please
75 go back.
76 </p>
78 <p if="!${cert} and ${request.submitted} and !${request.processed}">
79 The Certification Authority takes up to three days to process your
80 request, after which you will receive an email containing further
81 instructions.
82 <br/>
83 If the approval takes longer than three working days, you may
84 contact the <a href="mailto:ca@dutchgrid.nl">DutchGrid CA</a>
85 </p>
87 <p if="${cert} or ${request.processed}">
88 Your request has been processed already, please proceed by
89 pressing <em>Next</em>.
90 </p>
92 </div>
94 </body>
95 </html>


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