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Fri Jan 14 16:11:45 2011 UTC (11 years, 8 months ago) by templon
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Merge release 2.2.0 changes with trunk
1 See the release notes for more information
3 User-visible changes:
4 * vomaxjobs-maui accepts a -k argument for the maui key file.
5 * Can now parse torque accounting log files again.
6 Account string broke previous code.
7 * add walltime used as a job attribute.
8 * add 'startAnchor' as a job attribute.
9 Value 'start_time' means that the job start time reported is the
10 job start time reported by pbs.
11 'resources_used.walltime' means that the job start time was
12 computed by subtracting the used walltime from the current time.
13 NOTE this walltime method (the original one used for many years)
14 contains a subtle bug in that sometimes the walltime is greater
15 than the elapsed time (if the job has more than one process)
17 Developer-visible changes:
18 * Parsing of qstat output done in two stages now.
19 1st stage to make key,val dict out of qstat lines.
20 2nd stage is to map this onto data structures.
22 File Started 23.10.2010


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