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Tue Jun 9 17:59:48 2009 UTC (13 years, 4 months ago) by okoeroo
Original Path: trunk/grid-mw-security/glexec/util/wrap-env-var/glexec_wrap.sh
File MIME type: application/x-shellscript
File size: 170 byte(s)
Adding the wrapper scripts, that wraps the environment variables wrapper and unwrapper scripts for gLExec

1 okoeroo 407 #!/bin/sh
2     cd ${GLITE_LOCATION:-/opt/glite}
3     export GLEXEC_ENV=`${0%/*}/glexec_wrapenv.pl`
4     exec ${GLITE_LOCATION:-/opt/glite}/sbin/glexec ${0%/*}/glexec_unwrapenv.pl -- $@


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