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Fri Sep 30 13:24:58 2016 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by tamasb
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configurable deployment of trust anchor

previously the TERENA trust anchor was installed only (hard coded)
but with this option any trust root can be installed from either an
rpm package or a simple PEM file and signing policy pair.

1 ---
2 # Trust root for the host credential. It can be provided either
3 # via an rpm package or a PEM formatted file together with a
4 # signing policy. The two options are not exclusive, and can
5 # be used independently of eachother.
7 # Name of the rpm package to install as trust anchor. This ca be
8 # a link to an rpm or a package name from an installed repository
9 hostcred_trust_anchor_package: "ca_TERENA-eScience-SSL-CA-3"
11 # Alternatively, the trust anchor can be installed from a PEM
12 # formatted certificate file accompanied by the signign policy
13 #hostcred_trust_anchor_pem: "cacert.pem"
14 #hostcred_trust_anchor_signing_policy: "cacert.signing_policy"
16 # NTP Servers
17 ntp_servers:
18 - 0.pool.ntp.org
19 - 1.pool.ntp.org

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