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DutchGridCA/  1871  11 years  davidg   New OpenSSL1/RHEL6 coimpliant version 2.0
LSIUtilKit/  2668  8 years  davidg   Add some very dangerous scripts to recreate raid arrays form the OS
PIrsyncD/  1554  12 years  janjust   Added build instructions for building the RPM
adsm-init/  521  12 years  davidg   Oops, lvraresize restart removed from post
bdii-prep-ramdisk/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
cleanse-tmpdir/  2080  11 years  davidg   Fix EL5
cpa/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
cvmfs/  2949  6 years  dennisvd   Summary: fix call to du to return bytes, not kbytes
dev-sanity/  2450  10 years  davidg   Add script to maintain sanity of dev null etc.
findcerts-media/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
foundry-tracl/  2636  8 years  davidg   Allow SELF keywork to ease implementation of ACL based BCP38
ganglia-sensors/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-nikhef/  3028  5 years  dennisvd   Summary: use dist rather than _dist
globus-gram5-glue2-info-providers/  2533  10 years  davidg   Default config was buggy
globus-gridftp-chroot-init/  1555  12 years  davidg   init script alternative to chroot jail a gridfpt server
globus-jobmanager-gt2/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
globus-yaim-gram5/  2543  10 years  davidg   New version
hp-cli/  2832  6 years  dennisvd   Summary: adaptation of script to output the system event log
httpd-syslogger/  2737  7 years  davidg   Initial version - sources form www.nikhef.nl
iplogcheck/  2667  8 years  davidg   optimized for speed
jplist/  2622  9 years  templon   move a keys function outside loop
lcdtext/  31  13 years  davidg   Created convention
lcg-info-dynamic-dpm/  31  13 years  davidg   Created convention
lvrasize/  31  13 years  davidg   Created convention
managepoolmap/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
mkgroup-sshlpk/  3197  4 years  davidg   Added perl dependencies
mpi/  2229  11 years  ronalds   1.0.1 - Do not provide accounting information via -a option to qsub
nagios-cmdline-tools/  1505  12 years  ronalds   Added enable_notifications_host.sh and enable_notifications_service.sh
nagios-ndpf-sensors/  3119  5 years  dennisvd   Summary: add check_crl
nagios-ndpf-sensors-lcg2/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
ndpf-dpm-tools/  3186  5 years  dennisvd   Summary: add README
ndpf-nsca-sensors/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
network-stats-mashup/  1658  12 years  aramv   Moved anchor selector to the right parent
nikhef-apel/  2201  11 years  davidg   Was sending the wrong bit (strLine instead of the array) in teh object
nikhef-directory-schema/  3240  3 years  davidg   Add user-managed opt-in flag attribute
nikhef-directory-tools/  2671  8 years  davidg   More error checking
nikhef-fabric-ca/  3200  4 years  dennisvd   update the dependencies; this package really needs ca-certificates for the trigg…
nikhef-torque-prologue-epilogue/  2678  8 years  ronalds   use /bin/bash and full hostname
nodelist/  2782  7 years  dennisvd   add simple script to list nodes based on name or attributes
openib-mount/  1184  12 years  tsuerink   removed the mount part
pbslogcheck/  39  13 years  davidg   Ported from share/acct
pjobstats/  3229  4 years  templon   fix miller mode group and user, also add total execution slots
prune_userprocs/  2564  9 years  ronalds   0.1.5 Remove header from ps -efl output without removing actual processes
remove_obit_jobs/  2482  10 years  fbernabe   .
renew_certs/  2769  7 years  dennisvd   add the 'approve' mode for hanging requests
rescan-scsi-bus/  1518  12 years  davidg   Reimport from CVS
sccswhat/  1519  12 years  davidg   added leanse-tmpdir scrfipt
sexec-script/  31  13 years  davidg   Created convention
sgmshell/  31  13 years  davidg   Created convention
torqtrawl/  2561  9 years  templon   commit
trustedget/  1820  11 years  ronalds   Use CAF::Process to execute system commands. This was needed for compatibility w…
vocachedir/  999  12 years  davidg   CIN needed for tanslating PROFILEDIR
when_idle/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
yapsrun/  2809  6 years  davidg   Import from CVS
nodelist.pl  2781  7 years  dennisvd   make nodelist work with perl 5.8

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