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Tue Apr 24 17:15:27 2012 UTC (10 years, 3 months ago) by davidg
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Make VOMS extraction configurable

1 # The SEG will parse log messages from the PBS log files located in the
2 # log_path directory
3 log_path="/var/spool/pbs/server_logs"
5 # Some sites run the PBS server on a different node than GRAM is running.
6 # If so, they might need to set the pbs_default variable to the name of
7 # the server so that GRAM will contact it
8 pbs_default=""
10 # For the mpi jobtype, the pbs LRM implementation supports both the
11 # MPI 2-specified mpiexec command and the non-standard mpirun command common
12 # in older mpi systems. If either of these is path to an executable, it will
13 # be used to start the job processes (with mpiexec preferred over mpirun). Set
14 # to "no" to not use mpiexec or mpirun
15 mpiexec=no
16 mpirun=no
18 # The qsub command is used to submit jobs to the pbs server. It is required
19 # for the PBS LRM to function
20 qsub="/usr/bin/qsub"
21 # The qstat command is used to determine when PBS jobs complete. It is
22 # required for the PBS LRM to function unless the SEG module is used.
23 qstat="/usr/bin/qstat"
24 # The qdel command is used to cancel PBS jobs. It is required for the LRM
25 # to function.
26 qdel="/usr/bin/qdel"
28 # The PBS LRM supports using the PBS_NODEFILE environment variable to
29 # point to a file containing a list of hosts on which to execcute the job.
30 # If cluster is set to yes, then the LRM interface will submit a script
31 # which attempts to use the remote_shell program to start the job on those
32 # nodes. It will divide the job count by cpu_per_node to determine how many
33 # processes to start on each node.
34 cluster="1"
35 remote_shell="no"
36 cpu_per_node="1"
38 # The GRAM pbs implementation supports softenv as a way to set up environment
39 # variables for jobs via the softenv RSL attribute. For more information about
40 # softenv, see
41 # http://www.mcs.anl.gov/hs/software/systems/softenv/softenv-intro.html
42 softenv_dir=
44 # When VOMS attribute certificates are used, additional VO information and
45 # membershiops (FQAN data) is available in the proxy chain. Settings
46 # this vairable will extract these data using the client program stated
47 # and add this information to the accounting log entry
48 vomsinfo="/usr/bin/voms-proxy-info"

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