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Fri Dec 19 13:57:48 2008 UTC (13 years, 1 month ago) by davidg
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Add capability to write to file, and make it more paranoid

1 Generate a list of all unique sshPublicKeys for all members of the
2 directory groups specified on the command line.
4 Usage: ./mkgroup-sshlpk [-h] [-H uri] [-b DITbase] [-o file] [-f] [-v[v]]
5 groupRDN [groupRDN]
6 -h Display this help text
7 -H uri Connect to LDAP server at <uri>
8 (default: ldaps://teugel.nikhef.nl/)
9 -b base Search base DIT for groups
10 (default: ou=DirectoryGroups,dc=farmnet,dc=nikhef,dc=nl)
11 -o file Writing list of sshPublicKeys to <file>
12 (only when at least one sshPublicKey is retrieved, unless
13 -f is also specified)
14 -f Force writing even if the list of keys is empty
16 groupRDN name of groups to traverse for members (list)
18 Example:
19 ./mkgroup-sshlpk systemAdministrators nDPFPrivilegedUsers
21 Dependencies:
22 perl-LDAP, and perl-IO-Socket-SSL & perl-Net-SSLeay for ldaps (0)

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