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vo cache dir script added

2 The VO Cache Directory Profile Initialisation
3 ---------------------------------------------
5 This script set, usable for the Bourne shell and, with also for the C-shell
6 is the Bourne shell is installed, will add the VO_xxx_CACHE_DIR environment
7 variable to the users' job environment if such a per-VO specific directory
8 can be located in one of a few places.
10 By default, it will look for VO cache directories under:
11 /var/cache/grid
12 /tmp/gridcache
14 Purpose:
15 Set the VO_xxx_CACHE_DIR variable when appropriate, based on a list of
16 possible base directories for such a cache. The script will accept any
17 incoming VONAME definition (such as set by the globus Job Manager patch)
18 but failing that will try to determine the VO based on the VOMS proxy.
20 Installation:
21 Put these script in the /etc/profile.d directory, and have them executed
22 as early as possible. The default installation will ensure that by
23 prefixing the name with "AA".
25 Configuration: will read /etc/sysconfig/vocachedir
26 Set CACHEBASES to a list of directory paths to which the voname (in
27 lower case) will be appended to name the actual cache directory. Its
28 permissions MUST be at least 01755 (i.e. the directory MUST be sticky)
29 and it MUST be owned by root
31 Note: the script will NOT do cleanup of this directory, use tmpwatch(8)
32 for that.
34 Semantics
35 ---------
36 For the full semantics of the VO cache directory at Nikhef, please refer
37 to our Wiki pages at
39 https://www.nikhef.nl/grid/gridwiki/index.php/VoCacheDir
41 In particular note the way you should write to the cache directory: since
42 multiple users may write there (it's only sticky but otherwise wide open)
43 you're vulnerable to all the default race conditions and exploits to which
44 mkstemp(3) provides the remedy. So, PLEASE USE mktemp(1) and friends to
45 create files in the VO_xxx_CACHE_DIR.
49 About the pbs.in patch
50 ----------------------
51 The pbs.in patch, to be applied to the pbs.in setup file (which will later
52 generate the pbs.pm job manager script), will ensure that the VONAME
53 environment variable is set as soon as possible, even if on the worker node
54 there is no proxy or no voms-proxy-info command available. Especially
55 if you have 'non-griddy' worker nodes, this may come in handy.
56 When $VONAME is already set, the vocachedir.sh script will NOT need
57 the voms-proxy-info command.
59 After applying this to a 3.1 lcg-CE, you need to regenerate the pbs.pm
60 file (using the globus setup tools) AND restart the globus-job-manager-marshal
61 process (service globus-job-manager-marshal restart).
64 Dependencies
65 ------------
66 Basically, only /bin/sh is needed (or /bin/csh for the csh variety). Only
67 if the VONAME environment variable is not yet set will voms-proxy-info be
68 needed on the worker node.
69 This has not been put in as a dependency of the RPM, since the script will
70 degrade gracefully (to the NULL operation) if this command is missing.

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