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Thu Feb 4 10:16:10 2010 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by templon
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1 templon 1456 This is dot2term, a program that converts graphs expressed in 'dot'
2     format, into the 'term representation' that can be handled by
3     uDrawGraph.
5     WHY
7     The quattor tool 'panc-call-tree.pl' can output the include tree of a
8     quattor machine profile; the supported formats are 'dot' and
9     'hypergraph'. 'dot' can be read by Graphviz [1] and 'hypergraph' can
10     be read by Hypergraph [2]. Neither of these tools allow for easy
11     navigation of the graphs, nor (especially important to me) hiding
12     various pieces of the subgraph, in order to be able to view the
13     interesting part at a reasonable scale.
15     WHAT
17     * run the pan compiler on your favorite template with logging mode on. At Nikhef
18     the relevant command is
19     makexprof -l call -f <cluster> <hostname>
21     * run panc-call-tree.pl; at Nikhef the relevant command is
22     panc-call-tree.pl $L/build/log/panc.log
23     This will yield a file <hostname>.dot in the current working directory
25     * run dot2term
26     dot2term <hostname>.dot
27     This will yield a filename <hostname>.udg if the input file ended in '.dot';
28     otherwise the output file will be called <inputfilename>.udg
32     The 'dot' language includes many features; I only dealt with converting those encountered
33     in the output of panc-call-tree.pl. There are probably many dot files which cannot be
34     converted with this tool.

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