Provides classes to communicate with an online CA, in particular the one implemented by SURFnet in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and Nikhef, in order to setup client-side authentication for https connections.

For testing purposes a {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.TestSURFCA#main(String[]) main()} method is provided by {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.TestSURFCA}, which shows {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.PKCS12Https} and {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps}. It can be called using e.g.:

  java -D... -jar slcshttps_jdk15_v0.1.jar ""
where ... denote any of the following properties: @see @since 0.1