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Fri Dec 4 10:15:28 2009 UTC (12 years, 10 months ago) by msalle
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- build.xml: Added links to external java and bouncycastle APIs
- package.html: clarified all properties
- TestSURFCA.java: updated javadoc

2 <html>
3 <head>
4 <!--
5 @(#)package.html for nl.nikhef.slcshttps
6 @version 0.1
7 @date 04-08-2009
8 @author Mischa Sall&eacute;
9 -->
10 </head>
11 <body bgcolor="white">
12 Provides classes to communicate with an online CA, in particular the one
13 implemented by
14 <A HREF="http://www.surfnet.nl/">SURFnet</A> in collaboration with the
15 <A HREF="http://www.mpi.nl/">Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics</A> and
16 <A HREF="http://www.nikhef.nl/">Nikhef</A>, in order to setup client-side
17 authentication for https connections.
18 <P>
19 For testing purposes a
20 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.TestSURFCA#main(String[]) main()} method is provided
21 by {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.TestSURFCA}, which shows
22 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.PKCS12Https} and
23 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps}. It can be called using e.g.:<BR>
24 <PRE>
25 java -D... -jar slcshttps_jdk15_v0.1.jar "https://www.nikhef.nl/~msalle/cert/showcert?nohtml=1"
26 </PRE>
27 where ... denote any of the following properties:
28 <UL>
29 <LI><CODE>nl.nikhef.slcshttps.CERT_URL</CODE><BR>
30 Contains the URL used to POST the {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.crypto.CSR} to, and
31 get the Certificate from as response. Used by {@link
32 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps}.
33 <LI><CODE>nl.nikhef.slcshttps.AUTH_URL</CODE><BR>
34 The webbrowser goes to either the value of this property plus the CSR hash if it
35 starts with <CODE>http(s)://</CODE> or uses it as a postfix to the value of
36 <CODE>nl.nikhef.slcshttps.CERT_URL</CODE> and then adds the CSR hash. Used by
37 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps}.
38 <LI><CODE>nl.nikhef.slcshttps.comm</CODE><BR>
39 Used to determine whether to use <CODE>stdio</CODE> or popups for user
40 communication by classes {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps}, {@link
41 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.PKCS12Https} and {@link
42 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.trust.TrustManagerImpl}. For <CODE>SURFCAHttps</CODE>
43 another way to communicate is used by the {@link
44 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.gui.SURFCAInitDialog} which hence also ignores this setting
45 by implementing and empty {@link
46 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps.SURFCACommunicator}. Other applications using
47 this package probably want to provide their own implementations of these
48 communicator interfaces
49 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.SURFCAHttps.SURFCACommunicator},
50 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.PKCS12Https.PKCS12Communicator} and
51 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.trust.TrustManagerImpl.TrustCommunicator}.<BR>
52 <B>values:</B> <CODE>stdio popup</CODE>
53 <LI><CODE>nl.nikhef.slcshttps.https</CODE><BR>
54 Whether to use {@link javax.net.ssl.HttpsURLConnection} or {@link
55 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.trust.HttxURLConnection} (which is firefox-like in its
56 asking for confirmation about invalid server certificates). The default is to
57 use <CODE>"mask"</CODE>, which means it's behaving as if only
58 <CODE>HttxURLConnection</CODE> is used, but in practise also
59 <CODE>HttpsURLConnection</CODE> is setup for using the client side certificates.
60 Value <CODE>"both"</CODE> does practically the same except for the
61 {@link nl.nikhef.slcshttps.gui.CAPanel}/{@link
62 nl.nikhef.slcshttps.gui.SerialPanel} classes: value <CODE>"both"</CODE> will
63 show for both <CODE>HttpsURLConnection</CODE> and <CODE>HttxURLConnection</CODE>
64 which certificate is in use for client side authentication, while value
65 <CODE>"mask"</CODE> will only show <CODE>HttxURLConnection</CODE> (although both
66 will be set).<BR>
67 <B>values:</B> <CODE>https httx both mask</CODE>
68 <LI><CODE>nl.nikhef.slcshttps.acknowledge</CODE><BR>
69 Whether to show confirmation on succesful importing of certificate.<BR>
70 <B>values:</B> <CODE>true false</CODE>
71 </UL>
72 @see <A HREF="http://www.nikhef.nl/pub/projects/grid/slcshttps/">http://www.nikhef.nl/pub/projects/grid/slcshttps/</A>
73 @since 0.1
74 </body>
75 </html>

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