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1 wvengen 1426 jGridstart
2     ----------
4     jGridstart is a graphical user interface in Java that helps grid end-users
5     to request, obtain, install and renew grid certificates in a friendly way.
7     Grid certificate authorities (who issue certificates) can use it to provide
8     a friendly interface to its services. It is currently tailored for the
9     DutchGrid certificate authority, but the plan is to make it more general.
11     For more information, please visit http://jgridstart.nikhef.nl/
14     Adapting jGridstart for a new certificate authority requires:
16     1. Modifying the configuration in resources/conf/global.properties
17 wvengen 1428 See comments in the file. Note that when run as a java web start
18     application, properties can be overridden in the jnlp file
19     (optionally prefixed with "jnlp." to avoid a security warning).
20 wvengen 1426
21     2. Selection of a CA interface
22     The nl.nikhef.jgridstart.ca package contains the interface CA, which
23     provides an interface between jGridstart and the CA. The specific
24     implementation used is specified in the global configuration file.
25     You probably need to write one tailored to your CA interface. Please
26     see DutchGridCA, TestCA and LocalCA for examples. Please send us your
27     implementation so we can add it to jGridstart.
29     3. Customization of the request wizard
30     The RequestWizard (in package nl.nikhef.jgridstart.gui) contains the
31     user-interface logic for requesting/renew certificates. The contents
32     of the wizard's pages are present in the files requestwizard-xx.html.
33     Currently, one would need to rewrite RequestWizard for your specific
34     request process. In the future this should become more easily
35     customizable.
37     4. Specification of organisations for which one can signup
38     In resources/conf/cert_signup.conf, see comments in that file.
39     At the moment one also needs to update CertificateRequest#postFillData
40     (in package nl.nikhef.jgridstart) and specify how to create a full
41     DN from user information. This is scheduled for improvement as well.
42 wvengen 1428
43     5. Signing of the resulting JAR
44     This is required for running jGridstart as a java web start application.
45     Run "ant dist" to create the distribution files. See build.xml how to
46     specify a default signing key, or (re-)sign it later using jarsigner.

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