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revision 328 by wvengen, Wed May 6 12:45:06 2009 UTC revision 329 by wvengen, Thu May 7 13:43:09 2009 UTC
# Line 22  Line 22 
22              <td><input type="checkbox" name="state.submitcsr" disabled="disabled"/></td>              <td><input type="checkbox" name="state.submitcsr" disabled="disabled"/></td>
23              <td>Submit certificate signing request to registration authority</td>              <td>Submit certificate signing request to registration authority</td>
24            </tr>            </tr>
             <td><input type="checkbox" name="state.approved" disabled="disabled"/></td>  
             <td>Wait for approval by the registration authority</td>  
25          </table></form>          </table></form>
27        <p if="${state.submitcsr}">Your request has been generated and was
28        uploaded to the registration authority. Now you need to print the form
29        containing your personal details and certificate information, and bring
30        it to your registration authority,
31        <a href="mailto:${org.ra.email}" c="${org.ra.name}">**your agent**</a>
32        of <a href="${org.url}" c="${org.name}">**agent organisation**</a>.
33        Don't forget to bring your proof-of-identity, such as a passport or driving license.</p>
35        <p if="${state.submitcsr}">To continue to printing the form, press <em>Next</em>.</p>
36  </body>  </body>
37  </html>  </html>

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