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Diff of /branches/nl.nikhef.jgridstart-flyingsaucer/nl.nikhef.jgridstart/src/nl/nikhef/jgridstart/gui/certificate_request_03.html

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revision 347 by wvengen, Mon May 11 11:01:54 2009 UTC revision 348 by wvengen, Tue May 12 10:02:41 2009 UTC
# Line 29  Line 29 
29            <tr>            <tr>
30              <td><input type="checkbox" name="request.submitted" disabled="disabled"/></td>              <td><input type="checkbox" name="request.submitted" disabled="disabled"/></td>
31              <td>Submit certificate signing request to registration authority              <td>Submit certificate signing request to registration authority
32                <i if="${cert}">(done elsewhere)</i>                <i if="${cert} and !${request.submitted}">(done elsewhere)</i>
33              </td>              </td>
34            </tr>            </tr>
35            <tr if="${cert}">            <tr if="${cert} or ${request.approved}">
36              <td><input type="checkbox" name="cert" disabled="disabled"/></td>              <td><input type="checkbox" disabled="disabled" checked="checked"/></td>
37              <td>Verify identity with              <td>Verify identity with
38                <a href="mailto:${org.ra.email}" c="${org.ra.name}">**your agent**</a>                <a href="mailto:${org.ra.email}" c="${org.ra.name}">**your agent**</a>
39            of <a href="${org.url}" c="${org.name}">**agent organisation**</a>            of <a href="${org.url}" c="${org.name}">**agent organisation**</a>
40          </td>          </td>
41        </tr>        </tr>
42            <tr if="${cert}">            <tr if="${cert} or ${request.submitted}">
43              <td><input type="checkbox" name="cert" disabled="disabled"/></td>              <td><input type="checkbox" name="cert" disabled="disabled"/></td>
44              <td>Download approved certificate</td>              <td>Download approved certificate</td>
45            </tr>            </tr>

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