Interface to web browsers installed on the system. This allows one to open an URL in a web browser, and install certificates and keys into their certificate stores.

Each platform ({@link BrowsersWindows Windows}, {@link BrowsersMacOSX Mac OS X} and {@link BrowsersUnix Unix/Linux}) has its own method of running the web browsers, of detecting which browsers are installed, and of discovering which is the system default. All platforms share a list of known browsers, however, which is defined in {@code}. Generally, only these browsers can be invoked.

For client-side SSL authentication, it may be needed to install a certificate and corresponding private key into the browser. This is done by the method {@link IBrowsers#installPKCS12}, which expects a PKCS#12 file to import from. After this, you can use {@link IBrowsers#openUrl} to open a HTTPS page.