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Mon Apr 20 08:44:06 2009 UTC (13 years, 5 months ago) by wvengen
File size: 788 byte(s)
move HTMLPane-based TemplatePane into a branch since it has issues: (1) opaque input controls go against theme which is notable with control background control but it only happens with an ActionListener (2) dataFromContributors() doesn't seem to work with an ActionListener (3) need stubs for proguard
1 // To use BouncyCastle with Java Web Start it needs certain permissions.
2 // Either <all-permissions/> can be put in BouncyCastle's security, or this
3 // file can be referenced from property java.security.policy, which avoids
4 // a permission prompt for the BouncyCastle extension (in addition to the
5 // permission prompt for the application itself). Note that for the latter
6 // this file should be referenced with a full path which is not inside a jar
7 // but on the webserver.
8 grant {
9 // allow BouncyCastle to register itself
10 permission java.security.SecurityPermission "Security.insertProvider.BC";
11 permission java.security.SecurityPermission "putProviderProperty.BC";
12 // allow access to BouncyCastle properties
13 permission java.util.PropertyPermission "org.bouncycastle.*","read";
14 };

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