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revision 2511 by davidg, Wed Apr 18 13:54:40 2012 UTC revision 2648 by davidg, Tue Jul 2 18:52:29 2013 UTC
# Line 79  install: configure Line 79  install: configure
79          mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/share/man          mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/share/man
80          mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/share/man/man8          mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/share/man/man8
81          install -m755 fetch-crl              $(PREFIX)/sbin/fetch-crl          install -m755 fetch-crl              $(PREFIX)/sbin/fetch-crl
82            install -m755 clean-crl              $(PREFIX)/sbin/clean-crl
83          install -m644 fetch-crl-cron.cron    $(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(RELEASE)/fetch-crl-cron.cron          install -m644 fetch-crl-cron.cron    $(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(RELEASE)/fetch-crl-cron.cron
84          install -m644 fetch-crl-cron.init    $(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(RELEASE)/fetch-crl-cron.init          install -m644 fetch-crl-cron.init    $(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(RELEASE)/fetch-crl-cron.init
85          install -m644 fetch-crl-boot.init    $(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(RELEASE)/fetch-crl-boot.init          install -m644 fetch-crl-boot.init    $(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(RELEASE)/fetch-crl-boot.init
# Line 110  rpm: tar Line 111  rpm: tar
111          @echo DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN THE RPM WITH rpm --resign ${NAME}*-${VERSION}-${PATCHLEVEL}.noarch.rpm          @echo DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN THE RPM WITH rpm --resign ${NAME}*-${VERSION}-${PATCHLEVEL}.noarch.rpm
113  clean:  clean:
114          -rm -rf *.tar.gz *.rpm fetch-crl config.sh fetch-crl.spec          -rm -rf *.tar.gz *.rpm fetch-crl clean-crl config.sh fetch-crl.spec

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