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Wed Jun 10 08:06:02 2009 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by okoeroo
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Updated the intended usage lines in the Perl scripts
1 - scripts properly documented using inline comments
2 - HOME excluded by default
3 - the unwrap script also checks for excluded variables
4 - the user can specify extra env vars to be excluded, both at wrap and unwrap time , using either
5 glexec_{un}wrapenv.pl --exclude=A --exclude=B
6 or
7 glexec_{un}wrapenv.pl --exclude=A,B,C
10 Use the 'glexec_wrap.sh' like: /opt/glite/sbin/glexec_wrap.sh <YOUR COMMAND>
11 Which will use the defaults of the glexec_wrap and glexec_unwrap scripts around gLExec and will forward your commands in the appropriate way.
13 For more information see the website: http://www.nikhef.nl/grid/lcaslcmaps/ and drill down to the gLExec content and the How-To section.

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