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# Line 32  Please see figure \ref{fig:gridjob}. Line 32  Please see figure \ref{fig:gridjob}.
33  \pagebreak  \pagebreak
35    %This relatively new use case involves the late binding of the \textit{Worker Node} (WN) resources by sending pilot jobs to all the compute clusters by a production manager.
36    %When the pilot jobs come out of the queue and have started their run, they'll discover if the Worker Node on which they have acquired a job slot meets the criteria specified by the user.
37    %If the job slot criteria can be satisfied the pilot job framework will download the payload from a VO central job repository queue, unpack the payload and start executing the actual job.
39    %In this use case there are two actors: a user and a VO production manager.
40    %The VO production manager who has the responsibility to fill all the queues on the clusters according to the used quotas and taking into account what kind of data is stored nearby the compute cluster.
41    %The user had to submit their analysis jobs to the central queue.
42    %The pilot jobs submitted by the VO production managers will pick up the analysis jobs from the central queue.
44    %As this use case has two actors into play two sets of credentials will need to be authorized.
45    %The gLExec and SCAS are able to do this.
47    % cite OASIS standard saml2-xacml2 .
49    % oscar
51  \section{Grid pilot job}  \section{Grid pilot job}
52  \label{use_case_pilot_job}  \label{use_case_pilot_job}
53  \begin{itemize}  \begin{itemize}

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