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1 * User space package management
3 The PoC (Proof of Concept / Packages of Choice) has always been a centrally provided collection of
4 packages for end users. The alternative--user space package management-- allows the VO software
5 managers to handle VO specific software installations per site, thus gaining control over versions
6 and build parameters.
8 The pkgsrc system, by NetBSD, is being tried as the basic packaging toolset for managing updates,
9 dependencies, etc.
11 Not all science software is readily available in pkgsrc, but with some work any regular package
12 that follows the usual configure/make/make install mantra can be incorporated.
14 Extra tooling around pkgsrc is needed to interact with Grid systems, because software management
15 is done by sending grid jobs with a software manager proxy (to gain the appropriate user mapping),
16 and all packaging/updating/etc work needs to be done inside the grid job.
18 ** Grid jobs
20 The general layout of the grid jobs is as follows:
22 - test if we have the right permissions in the VO_SW_AREA (and set umask 002)
24 - test for the presence of pkgsrc
25 - if not present: fetch and install
26 - if present: upgrade if necessary
28 - run the vulnerability admin tool
30 - see to the actual request (install, remove, etc.)
33 ** management and reporting
35 As a VO software manager you are interested to keep track of all
36 the installed versions of packages on all the available sites. So
37 one level up from the pkgsrc-cmd.sh scripts run in grid jobs is a
38 set of tools to automate the submission of jobs to a known
39 collection of resources, and generating aggregated reports.
41 On top of this we could have a service that periodically runs these
42 tools and maintains and serves the generated reports.
45 ** Design of get-site-status.sh
47 This script will probe sites to find out the status of pkgsrc installations.
48 It will launch pkgsrc-cmd jobs, cycle to wait on the results, and collect
49 the output in a human-readable form.
51 Some design principles:
53 - the script is meant to be run as a batch job, so it can be used in a crontab file.
54 - the output can be text, html, or otherwise
55 - resources are listed in a data file,
56 - credentials to run the job under are presumed to be available. The user is
57 responsible for keeping credentials up-to-date.
58 - only one job per site should be run at a time; this goes especially for the jobs
59 that install packages as simultaneous writes may result in corruption of the database.

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